Join us at Mindful Movement Studio for our free Turkey Burn!  

Sure to bring vigor to the start of your Holiday Season, this sampler platter of the several modalities we offer are sure to tempt your palette! We invite you to learn about our integrative approaches to movement along with cutting edge applications of the Galileo Machine and The Yoga Trapeze. Join us when you can, or stay for the whole meal! (this one sure to get last night's meal moving along!)  

At 10am, we'll start the morning with an invigorating and uplifting "awakening of the senses"-- a sample of the connected, flowing movements of The GYROKINESIS® Method.

At 10:30a, join us on the beautiful equipment uniquely designed for The GYROTONIC® Method where you will experience exercising your body in three dimensions. This holistic approach to movement stimulates the spine, lengthens, and strengthens the body with dynamic "pushing and pulling" qualities.

You'll fly at 11a when you experience the freedom of an all levels Yoga Trapeze workout, designed to lengthen your body while toning your core .

And finishing our sampler at 11:30a we are thrilled for you to experience a mini-Galileo/restorative aerial yoga treatment - part self-massage, part rejuvenation, all bliss.

Certain classes are of limited size, so please let us know when you would like to attend.