Galileo Immersion 09/13 - /09/16 2018

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Galileo Immersion 09/13 - /09/16 2018


Galileo Immersion

09/13-09/16 - 2018

Master Instructor: Domini Anne

Location : Mindful Movement

Cost : $725 for full immersion

$200 for single day

Explore the many applications of Galileo Training in this 4 day immersion workshop.

Covering fascial unwinding, rebalancing, the Galileo 101 curriculum, and apparatus instruction, this workshop offers a broad range of training options for any trainer interested in incorporating vibration therapy in to their studio.

Thursday: Fascial Unwinding

Break up scar tissue, unwind fascia, and restore circulation and harmony to the body by using the Galileo device as tool for self-bodywork and unwinding. Learn how to direct vibration passively through the body via positioning, and release stored tension through various frequencies and props.

Friday : Galileo 101 expanded training

Covering all the basics of Galileo 101 training and additional training routines with stability balls, weights, therabands, and other simple props. This two day course contains the essential information for anyone interested in owning and working with a Galileo device.

Sunday : Galileo/Trapeze

Explore the exciting world of the Yoga Trapeze combined with vibration therapy. Utilize leveraged traction to build long, lean muscles that support space around every joint, while experiencing an intense core workout.

Decompress the lower back, train the neck and shoulders while using stress free inverted positions, and explore liberating new training options with this potent combination of strength, traction, and conditioning.

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