Gyrokinesis Class - Saturdays 9:30 AM



Saturday mornings at 9:30AM

Instructor: Kaleena Hurlburt

$20 (through the end of 2018- excluding Sept., 1st, Nov., 24th, and Dec., 29th)


Brighten your Saturday mornings with breath, movement, and vitality!

In these 90 minute classes, students will learn the flowing movement sequences of the GYROKINESIS® Method.  Experience the benefits of this system by opening your energetic pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength.


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Aerial Yoga all levels - Mondays 12:05-12:55

Take a load off

Give your body the space it needs in our  Traction Therapy series.



This "commuter friendly" 50 minute class challenges your core while decompressing your body and mind. 

Students are led through a flow series utilizing the Yoga Trapeze for traction and support, allowing the body greater room to stretch, breathe, and strengthen the core, along with assistance for inversions. 

It is common to experience euphoria, and a distinct sense of having worked out "harder than you realized" after attending an aerial yoga class. 

No previous experience necessary. 

Cost: $20 drop in or $70 for a 4 class card ( good for 8 weeks)

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